How to Grow a Blogging Tribe That Works for You

You spend hours creating blog posts, editing images, and thinking up the most enticing social media strategies. You know you’ve got great content. You have information that people want. But now what? How can you grow your blog, develop your brand, and make more money?

A tribe.

How can you push your blog further, double, or triple your followers (or more!) and maximize your earnings?

A tribe.

This course will guide you in best practice methods to build and nurture a tribe so that it helps you grow. You will get tips, worksheets, checklists, self-assessments, private Facebook tribe building group, and a Tribe Toolkit that will make your tribe achieve greatness as individuals and as an efficient, goal attaining group.

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Why this eCourse is for You

Proven Practical Tips

Follow specific guidelines to increase page views by 300%. Quadruple your social media following. Write books. Earn a full-time income. Your blog goals can be as lofty as the clouds when an inspiring and committed tribe has your back! Get the inside scoop to build your tribe toolbox with proven tricks and tips.

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Printable Checklists

Download and print 15 checklists, worksheets, and self-assessments to build your tribe workbook. These printables will become your tribe toolkit with effective and practical instructions to maximize your tribe’s reach and persuasion with intentional networking. Plus, when you enroll, you get a BONUS EBOOK about how to self-publish a book valued at $15 US!

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Self-Paced Delivery

This course is catered to your life and your pace. Want to skip ahead to a juicy lesson in time for a sponsored post or Facebook campaign? Go for it! Already have a tribe in place? Hop over the Building a Tribe section. Want to chew over each lesson as you guide your tribe mates? Let’s grow a blogging tribe that fits your life!

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Find or Build Your Tribe

Need a tribe? Start at the beginning with clear-cut tips to find and nurture a tribe that is perfect for you. Have a tribe, but want to make it work harder for you? Follow precise guidelines to build every social network, multiply your page views, inflate your income, publish books, and even create eCourses with your tribe. Find out why every blogger needs a tribe!

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Free eBook: Why Every Blogger Needs a Tribe

What is a blogging tribe? And why do I need one?

Find out why you want to start harnessing the power of a blogging tribe to grow your blog with a copy of the eBook Why Every Blogger Needs a Tribe.

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This self-paced eCourse is great for bloggers, big or small, with or without a tribe already in place.

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55 Cups
Average weekly coffee drank as we swap blogging woes and victories as a tribe
20 Lessons
Four units, 20 lessons, and a bonus eBook about self-publishing (valued at US$15)
300 % Growth
How our blogs grew when we started using the power of a tribe

The Tribe Behind the Course

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